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What you need

1. One of these: a smartphone, iPod, iPhone, iPad or tablet. Basically, any device with a build-in camera and Internet connection.

2. Internet access: Wi-Fi or Mobile broadband (smartphone data plan).

Smartphones and tablet
How it works

A request to our Database is sent upon each ticket scan. Information about each scan is saved to the Database. OnStage Direct will send you a result - is it the first or duplicate scan of a ticket.

Scanning results View scanner messages
How to scan ticket barcodes

1. Test your device using the barcode below.

DataMatrix barcode for testing

We use DataMatrix barcodes on our tickets.
If your scanner doesn't work with DataMatrix barcodes - download a scanner application. There is a good choice of free scanner apps for mobile devices. We recommend "Qrafter: QR Code Reader" or "Barcode Scanner and QR Reader" for Apple devices, and "ScanLife" for Android.

2. Activate your scanner.

In your Seller Account: open an "Admission" page for your event. Click on "Scanner Activation ticket", and scan the barcode provided. Now your scanner is ready.
More than one scanner device can be activated and used at the same event for admitting patrons.

3. Scan a ticket barcode.

Mobile screen will show either "Valid ticket", "Duplicate ticket" or error message if a ticket barcode is not valid for this event.
Click on "Done", "OK" or "Back" (depending on your scanner app), and scan the next ticket.

4. If barcode is not printed on ticket

Instead of scanning, you will be able to enter a ticket number manually. The Activation ticket has a special barcode for doing this.

5. View Scanner Statistics.

It is available at your Seller Account. It will show the number of tickets scanned, and details about tickets with "Duplicate" status.


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What customers say about our service

We have had a lot of positive feedback on the ease and quality of the site...

I will definitely recommend this to my friends. It was the easiest process I have ever had for ticket sales...

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