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Selling Tickets Online
How It Works

Why sell tickets at OnStage Direct?
  • Sell tickets online for events with arranged or open seating. Arranged seating is for Theatre seating (rows and seats), Cabaret (tables and chairs) and Arena (Ice shows).
  • Sell tickets at the office, at no charge. Sellers can print out tickets, apply discounts, box office fees and enter reservation notes for ticket orders.
  • View detailed real-time sales statistics, reports and lists of buyers for current and past events.
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  • Scan ticket barcodes for secure admission. More info about scanning
  • Door tickets: print out sheets of tickets for selling at the door. For arrange seating, print door tickets for available seats.
  • Fast payment: on the next business day after the event.
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  • Sell tickets for public and private events.
  • Set different ticket prices depending on seats (rows or tables) and age of audience (adults, children, seniors, students, participants).
  • Offer Promotion Codes, Personal Promotion Codes, Promotion Rules (Buy One, Get One...) and Group Discounts to your customers.
  • Exceptional customer service and support: we answer ALL questions from both sellers and buyers within the same day, and more often, within the same hour.
  • Our clients like this service and recommend it to others. Read their testimonials.

Why buy tickets here ?
  • Buyers view the current seating plan state and select the seats they prefer.
  • Lowest convenience fees for buyers satisfaction.
  • No hidden fees: buyers see the convenience fees as soon as they choose their seats. No other fees are added during checkout process.
  • Secured payments by credit card or PayPal.
  • We provide full time customer support.

Pricing for selling tickets online

Selling tickets Online

Service Price
Seating chart set up Free
Selling tickets Online Convenience fee
(see below)
Credit card processing fees Included into
convenience fee
Selling free tickets Online Free
Selling tickets at the Office Free
Printing Door tickets Free
Scanning ticket barcodes Free
Sales reports Free
Printing your logo on tickets (optional) $39.99 per year.
First year is free!
Customer support Free

No hidden fees, no other fees.

Convenience fees
Ticket price
from to Fee
0.01 5.00 1.25
5.01 15.00 1.75
15.01 25.00 1.95
25.01 30.00 2.25
30.01 40.00 2.50
40.01 50.00 2.75
50.01 60.00 3.25
60.01 100.00 4.25
100.01 150.00 5.75
150.01 200.00 7.20
200.01 250.00 8.60
250.01 300.00 10.00
More expensive tickets?

Sellers may choose to absorb a portion of the fee into ticket price. For example, buyers pay $1.00, and the seller pays $0.75

Fee calculator

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How It Works


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What customers say about our service

We have had a lot of positive feedback on the ease and quality of the site...

I will definitely recommend this to my friends. It was the easiest process I have ever had for ticket sales...

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