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Taking Orders Online

Using OnStage Direct for taking orders online

  • Take orders online for recital DVDs, flowers, costumes, apparel, etc.
  • Create order forms with standard and custom questions.
  • Choose options for online payment: full payment or deposit.
  • Use online order forms for registering at the office, at no charge.
  • View sales reports, lists of buyers, orders and payments.
  • View collected information and balance for each buyer.
  • Print out receipts.

Benefits for your patrons
  • Patrons will save the trip and can use this service 24/7.
  • No fees for buyers.
  • Secured payments by credit card or PayPal.

Pricing for taking orders online

Taking orders Online:

Seller pays a fee for each online order:
$1.00 plus 3% of payment amount to cover credit card processing fees.
Choose to accept 'Deposit' to reduce this fee.
No fees for buyers.

Taking orders At the Office: No fees.

How to start taking orders online at OnStage Direct

1. Log in or Register as a user of OnStage Direct.

2. Go to Your Seller Account.

3. Create account for your company. We need to know your contact and billing information, so we can send you the payment for your orders taken by OnStage Direct.

4. Enter information about your order.

5. Select options and custom questions for your order form.

6. You can preview your pages before making decision to publish them.

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What customers say about our service

We have had a lot of positive feedback on the ease and quality of the site...

I will definitely recommend this to my friends. It was the easiest process I have ever had for ticket sales...

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